Friday, October 16, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

If you don't have brothers or sisters, you can stop reading now.

I have 2 sisters whom I love dearly. They both live in HHI and Charleston, have children and great husbands and families.

It is funny, though, how time or distance (or both) makes you really love, respect and miss your family. My sisters are worried that when my parents pass away, we will become disconnected and quit visiting each other. It’s sad to think about; but, something that could really happen without work from all families.

You all know how tough life is. The most precious asset we all take for granted is time. And, the minute we have a few seconds, minutes or day to ourselves, we often want just that – time to ourselves. Time is such a precious commodity and often the best gift, however, that you can give someone. I’m the first to admit I’m selfish; but, I won’t ever let my sister’s bond grow stale, cold and distant.

I can remember wanting to choke them both out in a UFC-esque strangle hold until they tapped out in high school. Maybe it was due to the fact that we were so close in age. Maybe it was the fact that Jessie could whip my ass on the basketball court and was one of the best high school girls players I had seen. Or, maybe it was the fact that they sprouted boobs and good looks, so all my friends decided it was time to start hanging out at my house more often.

But, those times are gone now. Now there is this new found respect and fondness for each other, each other's kids and families and just a sense of familial love...

I know that this isn't the case across the board. Brothers and sisters can do wicked mean things to each other, even beyond those years of high school...

As your Zen guru guide through Scotty's Blog today, I would just say this…

Life is too short to hold grudges. How many times do you have to hear your dad say, "Well, my dad came from a different time. We didn't hug or tell each other we loved them. Now that he is gone, I wish I would have been the bigger man and did this before he was lying in his hospital bed whispering his last breaths of life."

So, go hug your sister, brother, mom, dad, uncle, aunt, grandma or grandpa and tell them you love them today. And, don't send an email – tell them in person!

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