Friday, January 8, 2010

So let me tell you a little story about Kylie and Jeny, the two most dedicated catering employees that work for Scotty’s Brewhouse.

This day started off like any other catering day. We sold $1200 before the store opened. Kylie was driving to deliver her order in the terrible snowstorm that has just hit central Indiana that morning when she got an unexpected phone call from her sidekick Jeny.

“There has been an accident on I-65 and there are trucks turned over and everything,” Jeny began to explain “and I might need your help getting this order to where it needs to be.”

Jeny had left an hour and a half early for her half hour drive, just in case something like this came up.

Jeny had called our drug rep. Bruce and explained what was going on.
He said it was no problem and that it could have happened to anyone!
Jeny and Kylie didn’t think that this was good service, so they kicked it up a notch!

(Jeny’s sad car on the highway)

Kylie quickly arrived to pick up the order from Jeny. Kylie had absolutely no idea where she was going and the snow was TERRIBLE on the back roads in Whiteland outside of Franklin. She parked at the over pass above I-65 and came down the hill on the overpass (and yes by came down I mean fell miserably.)

Jeny passed the food off to Kylie over a barbed wire fence.

(Kylie taking the food to her car up that treacherous hill, falling down and up the hill about 6 times.)

Finally Kylie got all of the food in her car and used Jeny’s GPS to make it to the Drug rep. safely.

The drug rep. was very happy and so were all the nurses that their food was there, finally.

We explained that we would do anything for our favorite drug rep. (AND WE WILL!)

Eventually after 2 hours of sitting on the highway Jeny discovered what had happened!

(Semis flipped over and crushed on the highway!)


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  1. Great story about customer service! I had all our sales people read this. Mike's GMC