Sunday, March 7, 2010

One Chance to Make a First Impression...

I wanted to personally thank my hard working staff and management team for all the hours they put into the Lakehouse this weekend. Our KM decided to leave his post the day we opened. My Director of Kitchen Operations has put his blood, sweat and tears into becoming the binding glue that has kept this ship together. And, for that, I personally thank you, Luke Duncan. (father of twins and a new born shirking important family time to help right this ship)

Matt Whisler, my GM, got up at 5 am this morning to do laundry. Nope, not his own. We went through so many towels and with Cintas closed on Sunday, we had to wash them ourselves. His fiance even helped him (I'm sure she is beginning to hate me like most others significant others on my management team).

I have seen my staff step in from other restaurants to pull shifts, pick up supplies, deliver 500 lbs of ice and so much more. Thank you, all of you.

My Corporate Team of managers have worked tirelessly to train, critique and be on-hand for almost every shift - I am grateful beyond words for all of your efforts. Eric Schamp, COO - Tyler Thompson, VP of Operations - Luke Duncan, Director of Kitchen Operations - Rachel Redwine Nelson & Crystal Ward, Directors of Training - Dan Ward, Director of HR and IT - Amber Martin, Director of Beverages & Promotions - Kurt Pickering, CPA/CFO - Michelle Cox, Staff Accountant and Angie Vosmeier, Chef Extrodinaire and KM of Scotty's 96th St.

This is where the "LoveFest" ends.

I wanted to really write this blog to apologize to any of my guests that have attempted to dine with us and have been turned away due to long waits. Please keep coming to give us another try.

Most of you know this is week 1 and we are working through kinks. but, I never feel like this is a valid excuse. You all are paying customers, not just with money; but, with your time. You deserve to have the best of what we offer, not our mistakes. Unfortunately, they happen and it takes time to work through them. I can promise that we will always give 110% and work to be the best we can be.

We almost doubled our projected sales. We actually ran out of hamburger tonight. A "Hamburger Joint" shouldn't run out of hamburger. Our transition from Patachou breakfast to Lakehouse Lunch has been tough for us to get under control. We will, however. No excuses. I've always told my team, I don't mind a mistake once. Learn from it, don't make the same mistake twice.

We only get 1 chance to make a first impression. I hope those of you that didn't get the impression I would hope for, you give us a 2nd chance to make a better impression.

I don't want to let this blog steer you in a direction that makes you think we have had a week of failures. We have not. In fact, it has been the best opening week I've experienced, working in this business as an owner for 14 years and in the industry in general for 20 years. But, as a perfectionist, one of my flaws is to want every minute of every day be impecable.

I have high standards for myself, my team and my restaurants. I will not lower them. You will all get what I hope you have entrusted with me to become, one of Indy's hardest working restaurant teams.

Please, please, please - always let me know how we are doing. I can't fix it if I don't know it is broken.

Thank you for reading, dining and continuing to support us!

Scotty & The Entire Brewhouse & Lakehouse Family

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  1. Wow what an amazing business! You seem to find the best of the best! I look forward to eating at the Lakehouse. Have had nothing but wonderful experiences at all the Scotty's! The wait is the only problem, but that is a good problem!

    I admire your hard work and dedication!

    Erin Adcock