Monday, May 3, 2010

Thr3e Wise Men Logo Ideas

Let me know what you think of the new logos. Tweet me or post on my Facebook wall the option you like best.

Update: You can now Vote for your favorite Right Here.

Option One

Option Two

Option Three

Option Four

Option Five

Option Six - Eight

Option Nine

Option Ten

Option Eleven

Option Twelve

Option Thirteen

Option Fourteen

Option Fifteen

Option Sixteen

Option Seventeen

Option Eighteen

Option Nineteen

Option Twenty
Option Twenty One

Option Twenty Two

Option Twenty Three


  1. #21 is great & could be used as the bottle top. I say go with #21 as the bottle top & your alternate logo for gear etc. But use #17 as your main logo i.e. outside of building. 2 logos equals twice the merchandise.

  2. I love #21 - subtle but really clever use of the 3, W, and M - and once you have some logo recognition you could use it without the label underneath.

  3. I dig one, two, and three.

  4. How long is this open for?

  5. Hey! I designed 6-8 and wanted to let everyone know that they're all part of one big logo set. Check it out here - - There's the full option, heads + text box and text box only options. Instant branding options for Scotty and THR3E Wise Men. I really appreciate your support!

  6. Contest is open until I find one I love...

  7. 2 and 9. 11 through 13 are good - they seem in line with the current Brewhouse identity.


  8. Can anyone submit a design and where to? You should set some ground rules: no camels or magi! ha. A designer friend and I were looking these over and here are our thoughts: If you have the number 3 in the logo, no need for three elements (like the beer bottles or crowns)- too much. Dirty type in #12 doesn't translate on small things or t-shirts very well. I like the idea of the 3WM, but those make me think McDonald's golden arches. #2 is decent. Keep looking, for sure!

  9. Option 2 is the best. Hands down. You made the right decision with the Joint versus Bistro, so I know you'll make the right choice here, too. BTW, went to the Lakehouse for the first time this weekend. Great atmosphere and the number one burger is stellar!!