Friday, May 21, 2010

Thr3e Wise Men Logos - Part III

Once again, we are asking for you feedback. Please vote by clicking this link. Also you can leave comments on Twitter and Facebook or here on the blog. Thanks for your help.

Option One

Option Two

Option Three

Option Four


  1. 3WM Circle design & lower font style from Option 3, 3 bottle graphic from option 4

  2. Two and Three have too much going on. I'm thinking of an incorporation of One and Two just to make the W and M in One look like the W and M in Two. Same incorportation could apply to Two and Four also. Or just go with One or Four as is. Four being my favorite then.

    -World's Second Most Indecisive Woman

  3. Have to be honest here. Not a fan of the color pallet or use of the Spider-Man/PS3 font. Already looks dated.

  4. Circle graphic from 3 (the font makes the black 3 look like a G in the other 3 designs) and the lower text graphic from 1 (or 4).
    I do have to agree with 1844, though. Not a huge fan of the color pallet.

  5. I like option 3 the best of these, but the 3 (set in all different directions) is over used in the design.

    I like the bottle used as the "I" in Wise. But I'm not a fan of the color palett. What about using a gold - or gold silver and bronze on black with a little red. I like red and black...just not the purple-blue.

    I think you need to incorporate 3 pairs of hands as if they were each offering a beer bottle - to go along with the "Christian" theme where the three wise men brought their gifts to Jesus's birth. I think it'd be clever to make it like the best thing to give somene - let along the "King of Men" - is a 3 wise men brew. Better than gold, frankensense, and muhr.

    Just my opinions and offering them up.

  6. These just don't look like a Brewery to me.

  7. I am not a fan of any of these... the pallet is just too much, and the design does not say Brewery.

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