Friday, June 18, 2010

Fathers Day Contest

When I asked you to post stories to our Facebook page of why your Father deserved something special this year on Father's day I never imagined all of the wonderful stories I would have the priveledge of reading. Thank you all for sharing these. Now here they all are in one post so that everyone can enjoy them.

Clint Maclin My dad and I loved going to baseball games when I was a kid. He grew up in Maywood, a west neighborhood of Chicago, so naturally we were fans of the greatest team in the world; the Cubbies! Only problem was we didn't have a lot of money, and since he and my mother decided to settle down in Indiana, the cost of getting tickets to the games on top of gas, food, etc. was more than we could handle. But being a great dad, Max Maclin was not going to let his son grow up not going to pro ball games, so I had to settle for Chicago White Sox tickets ($17 and we could sit nearly ANYWHWERE in the park, as they were not very popular back then and Comiskey was always empty). Then I remember one day with a big smile on his face, he told me the news that he was going to splurge and take me to my first Cubs game. That day at Wrigley was a great memory with him. And for him taking me to that game even though it was out of our budget, I'd like the opportunity to go there one more time with him!

Katy Gentry Meet Mr. G and me. Why does the Best Dad in the World need to see a Cubs game? Three reasons: 1) He spent thirty-seven years teaching governement and economics to punk seniors in high school, 2) Raised my family on ONE salary and still saved enough for a more than great retirement, and 3) He is NOT afraid to rock a fanny pack if need be. The last time my Dad and I attended a Cubs game I don't remember it. No, it was not from all the Old Style's but the fact that I was still in the womb! This man deserves so much and I would love to take him to a Cubs game that he and I can BOTH remember!

Tommy McDowell (I am 9 years old and do not have my own facebook so I am posting this on my step-dad's page.) I think my step-dad, Tommy, should have a night off. Every year I have to go to my dad's house and I do not get to spend time with my step-dad. This would be really cool because I know he LOVES concerts, the wings at Scotty's, and the CUBS. So any of these things would be awesome to him. I could have a special night with him! Tommy is always making me laugh and taking good care of my mom and me. He used to work 3rd shift, but now he is on 1st and keeps us safe at night. I like when Tommy is around because I know he will keep me safe. I love him very much and want to give him something special.

Paul Angelillis I believe that my stepdad Ed deserves a night out because even though I am not his biological son, from the time my mother and him married when I was 3 years old, he loved and took care of me like I was his son. Whenever I needed any advice or help with any problems in life, I have always been able to turn to him. Even when my father passed away 4 years ago, he traveled to Tennessee for his funeral, even though him and my real father were not all that close. He is such a hard worker and has always wanted to provide any and everything for the family. Even at the age of 65, he is still working after he retired from Chrysler. He now helps people who have trouble finding a place to live, have a residence for very cheap. He does this by purchasing homes and renting them out to people for very little. He also employess people who have less than stellar backgrounds have employment when most companies will not hire them. They help him maintain the homes and he pays them out of his own pocket. I love this man with all my heart and respect him more than he knows. This is why I feel that he deserves a night out of fun. In the picture, I am in the red shirt and Ed is across from me.

Nadia Zahedi My dad desevers a night out because he works all the way up in Detroit so I never really get to spend good quality time with him. My parents are divorced and my sister and I are all he has. A few times he had came home on weekends, we would be out doing our own things and he would be lonely and think there is no point to coming home anymore. He is on call all the time at work now because pilots that fly for the airline he works with are on strike and he never knows what is going to happen next with his job which is causing him to be super stressed out. I love my dad (I'm a daddy's girl) and he definitely needs a break from the real world to relax. This would be a great opportunity for him to get that break.

Erika Spence-Polera My dads name is Morris. When i was 6 mos. old my mom who originally wanted to have an aportion with me decided she could not continue to care for me so my grandparents became my legal guardians since then they have been who i have called my "mom and dad." My dad is a retired violinist, a graduate from Columbia University, amatuear photography and loves ceramics! My dad has put everything on hold to pay for my college education. My parents don't make alot of money but the one thing they want is to see me graduate from college and now what they want is for me to succeed in my young adult life and career. My dad is the most amazing guy! Loves his family with all of his heart! And puts his family first, for once i would love to put my dad first! He has helped me so much and with out him i would hate to think but I may not be on this world because of what my biological mother really wanted. I am so lucky to have such an amazing father and I am truly blessed! 
Happy Fathers Day to all the wonderful fathers and sons/daughters! God Bless and i hope you have an amazing summer 2010! :-)

Don Shanley My Dad is my HERO & my Best Friend! He is a man of the highest Integrity and never has to look over his shoulder to see if someone is mad because he is a man that builds others up and never knocks them down. He has taught me that Integrity, Character, and your Reputation are the three most important things to be known for and remembered by. He loved my mom until the day she passed and he taught me faith was far more important than fame or money. My dad is the man on the right of this picture of 3 generations!

Blake Kocher My Dad just graduated from college at the young age of 52!! I just got out of the Air Force, coming home next week and this concert would be a great reunion for us both!

Mary Reid Happy Fathers Day
Scottys Brewhouse Scotty's wants to give you and your father a chance to see 1 of your favorite artists up close and personal. Post to our FB fan page Scottys Brewhouse the reason your dad deserves a night out on us and an optional photo of you and your dad. If chosen your dad and you could win two concert tickets to a concert of your choice* and dinner Dennis R. Luper became my step-father in 1991 after my father was killed on the 4th of July in a tragic tractor trailer accident. Dennis and my mother had been dating several years prior and in Oct of 91 married...Dennis having no biological children now tackled a 14 year old step daughter... I learned Dennis had broad shoulders for my adolescent teenage girl years and much LOVE for my mother and I. I was not accepting of a new father figure in my life and Dennis was not going to let me be fatherless. He became my softball coach the following year, He gave me my 1st family, he taught me to drive, he allowed me to make mistakes and gave me consequences...He LOVED me...My mother being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1978 and the strongest women anyone will ever meet allowed Dennis and I to build our relationship at a pace that a 14 year old girl needed...VERY SLOWLY and with much CAUTION...My mother’s Multiple Sclerosis is only another amazing obstacle Dennis accepts when he became part of our family...Dennis is the hardest and most dedicated worker and provider, he is a wonderful example of a man, a father and grandfather...Now at 32, I have more Love for him then I ever thought possible...Never will my father be replaced but Today I can call Dennis my “father.” He is much deserving of some “father daughter time” I have not had the opportunity to express my gratitude for what he does and his sacrifices he has made for me. I would be so honored to have a father daughter date night where I can tell him “Thank you “ and just how much he is truly appreciated... Happy Father Day Dennis R Luper Love, Mary Reid

Marie Osborn Sly This picture is my son (a month old), my dad and my grandpa, taken last July. We had just found out that my grandpa, who my dad has taken care of for 10 years, was full of cancer, so this was the one and only time I had the three of them together in Michigan. My dad has five daughters (and no sons) and my mom always worked nights, so he was the one playing barbies, doing our hair, etc. He works harder (as an oil well operator) than anyone I know, working seven days a week, 365 days a year in northern Michigan. He puts everyone first, including my mom who has been ill since 2006...not to mention, he is the BEST DAD EVER!

Beth Davis Olson My dad grew up very poor & decided he was going to break the cycle of poverty in his family bcuz he didn't want his kids having to live that way. He worked 4 jobs to put himself thru college at Notre Dame & was very successful until he had a stroke at the age of 46 & could no longer work. Fortunately, he had saved enough $ by that time to put his 3 kids thru college. He loves music & art & I'd love to take him to a show compliments of this contest! He continues to be a constant inspiration to me. Here's a photo of us at an ND football game.

Jessica Pellman My dad could use a night out. He lives in Dundee, MI. An F2 tornado tore through 13 miles of our hometown on Sunday (June 6). My dad has been helping with clean up all week. Until the power company could replace poles and lines, he took his generator around town - helping people plug in their freezers and refrigerators so they didn't lose all their food too. He has had a very long week and will have some long weeks to come, he works in construction and will be helping to fix many houses damaged by the tornado. He has volunteered much of his time to help the community. 

My dad is a huge fan of KISS and was a member of the KISS Army when he was in high school. His first concert was a KISS concert. I would love to take him to see them at the fairgrounds this summer. It would be an amazing experience to share.

Jennifer Dunham Myers Wow, to sum up why my dad deserves a night out .. that's easy .. cause he is my dad and he is the BEST! =) My dad is one of the hardest working people I know..he turns 65 this year and will retire and has worked hard labor his whole life .. after graduating, he served in the Navy and after that, became a farmhand for 20+ years, up at the crack of dawn, and bedtime way into the evening, we never had a lot of money growing up, but, my dad always provided for us the best he could. And for the last 20 years, he has been a crane operator. Some of my fondest memories growing up were spent with my dad in the fields, bailing hay, feeding and caring for the livestock. One of the things I love most about my dad is that he ALWAYS tells me he loves me. He loves his family, especially the grandkids ;) and is a good husband, father, brother, uncle, and friend. My dad deserves a special night for all he has done.

Rachel Marshall I've always been the biggest daddy's girl, and I was definitely blessed with one fantastic dad. From moving me to and from college every single year to helping me whenver I have car troubles (which is quite often!), he's always there for me. He even tolerated 5 (FIVE!)*N SYNC concerts, and the Spice Girls concert AND movie when I was growing up. I'm pretty sure he was one of very few dads ever present at such events filled with hundres of screaming pre-teens. I think I really owe him a night of music that he would actually enjoy and we could use some father-daughter bonding time, which we don't get much of lately between our busy schedules. My dad means the world to me, and this night out on Scotty's would be a great way to show him my appreciation!

Rachel Marshall I've always been the biggest daddy's girl, and I was definitely blessed with one fantastic dad. From moving me to and from college every single year to helping me whenver I have car troubles (which is quite often!), he's always there for me. He even tolerated 5 (FIVE!)*N SYNC concerts, and the Spice Girls concert AND movie when I was growing up. I'm pretty sure he was one of very few dads ever present at such events filled with hundres of screaming pre-teens. I think I really owe him a night of music that he would actually enjoy and we could use some father-daughter bonding time, which we don't get much of lately between our busy schedules. My dad means the world to me, and this night out on Scotty's would be a great way to show him my appreciation!

Kathy Everman My husband and the father of our two girls deserves this award because of his love and dedication to our family. As a law enforcement officer, his schedule is not an ordinary 9 to 5 schedule, which can limit his time at home with the family and can make it difficult for him to attend some of the girls activities. However, despite his long and crazy hours, he always makes sure the girls, and I, are his number one priority. He goes out of his way to make holidays and birthdays special for us; but asks for nothing for himself and if you ask what he wants most of the time he says “nothing”. During the summer, he takes extra days off so we can take the girls to places like the Great Wolf Lodge, the lake, to see a movie, or sometimes just to be at home and have a family cookout. Being a father is not just a title but also a job he takes seriously and does to be best of his ability and beyond. I could not ask for a better husband and father and I cherish all that he does.

Adam Garrett Dad has sacraficed alot over the past 16 years working 24 hr shifts as a firefighter protecting our community while working a second job to give the family a comfortable life. Through it all, he always made sure to set a good example for me growing up. He worked his tail off to get my sister through school and now it's time for him. Time for him to cheer on the CUBBIES.

Shawn Farrington I believe my dad deserves Cubs tickets because he works two jobs, is in debt up above his head, is trying to sell the house because my parents are getting a divorce. My dad never has time to do anything fun and I would really like to give him something he's always wanted to do, but never could. Although he has two jobs, he might as well be unemployed due to the fact that he doesn't make enough money to pay for the bare necessities, let alone a house to live in. He is practically devastated because of this divorce, coupled with no money has made him incredibly stressed. All in all, one night out with a son that still lives in the Midwest would mean the world to him. I would do anything for him and in a time where he needs the most help - this could would be considered a vacation for him. Thank you for your time.

Kathy Clark My dad Jt Hynes deserves to go to a Cubs game because he is sooooooo patient with us. Lol I know of a few of his grandsons that would love to go with him. LOL

Jon Brewer Because he's my dad. There's no explanation needed. That's all you have to say.

Ed Kilroy I'd love to take my old man to see John Hammond. He deserves it because he use to be a stogie-smoking grump. Now he's a cancer survivor and one hell of a grandpa.

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